Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bakeware delights

Who's excited about the start of The Great British Bake Off  tomorrow evening?! Me too! I love it and it always makes me wish I could bake. So I've compiled a little list of baking goodies that have caught my eye lately. I'm really not much of a baker at all, but I want to start trying to bake more often and I have a feeling some of these items would help tempt me to put my apron on and give things a go!

First on my list are these gorgeous pastel coloured cupcake cases. How pretty are they and you get a 100 of them! These can be found at John Lewis.

 Next up I found these at the gorgeous Pipii. Fab little pastel chevron food flags (I think there may also be a bit of a pastel theme going on here too!), with space for you to write on them!

If you haven't visited the oh so pretty Cherry Menlove shop, then you should take a peek! As well as a beautiful range of home wares there are some delightful baking accessories including these scrumptious heart shaped pie dishes. I'm wanting the green one personally! 

I definitely need some new tea towels. I do. I really do! I have my eye on these from Cath Kidston. I love the Kingswood Rose pattern!

Lastly I'm a little bit in love with these glass biscuit jars which can be found over at Dotcomgiftshop. After all, you need to store your baked goodies in something as equally lovely as they are! Then you can sit back and admire them after all your hard work.....or in my case, hide them when they've gone terribly wrong (I'll put the pretty tea towel over them)!

As I really am no Mary Berry, but would love to improve my baking skills, please feel free to share any of your favourite recipes with me that you think I should try.

Happy Baking everyone!

Tanya x

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