Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Studio essentials - My radio

I thought I'd start off a little series of posts about the things in my creative studio that are the most essential to me. By essential I don't necessarily mean I couldn't possibly run my business without them, more like I just love them and they make my working experience better (or just prettier in some cases)!

First up is my Roberts DAB Radio. Music is so important to me while I work, sometimes just for the background noise and sometimes for a good sing along! Occasionally I'll listen to a non-music station and find myself talking to the radio during a good debate. Hmmm.....maybe I shouldn't have admitted to that! I even like a little bit of classical music now and again. I think when you work on your own it's just nice to have the company, even if it comes in the form of music. Occasionally I'll have my iTunes playing on my laptop if I want to hear something in particular, but mostly it's my trusty radio that keeps me company in the studio. It also happens to look gorgeous which helps, and it was a birthday gift from the OH, making it even more special to me!

Yes, that is Absolute 80's Radio station I'm tuned in to. I'm such an 80's girl when it comes to music, makes me feel like a child again!

I'd love to know if other home workers have things they can't do without. Also do most people work with music on or do some of you like the peace and quiet?

Tanya x

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