Monday, 29 September 2014

Day trip to the zoo!

Last week me and the boyfriend had the week off work. I don't think I realised how much I needed the break away from my studio to just switch off from work. We mainly chilled, did some shopping, went to the cinema and on Thursday we took a trip in to London to go to the Zoo for the day! Both of us are big animal lovers and neither of us had been to London Zoo for a very long time. So armed with my camera we set off on the train bound for the city!

I have a bit of a thing about giraffes, I think they are beautiful and so elegant looking. I did also fall in love with the pygmy hippos, very cute!

Meerkats will always be fun to watch, they are such funny little characters but my heart will always be with the penguins. I could watch penguins for hours, I adore them and have since I was a child. These Humboldt penguins were such cute little fellas. They seemed to be having so much fun in the water too and I loved their nice big enclosure. Believe me the temptation to pop one of these cuties in my bag and take him home was immense!

This is Kumbuka, London Zoo's silverback. He was a very handsome chap indeed!

The photos from this trip could have gone on forever as we took so many (my boyfriend was the main photographer) so I thought I'd just give you a few. Needless to say we had a super time and I would highly recommend it! A day like this is very hard work for me with my congenital heart defect but in a place like this it's okay to wander around very slowly, sit on benches as often as you need to and take the day at your own pace, so it suits me and my little heart well. My week off has done wonders for recharging my batteries both mentally and creatively. I have loved getting back in to the studio today and getting back to work!

Tanya x

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