Thursday, 11 May 2017

Celebrating Hooper's 1st Birthday!

Last Friday we celebrated our Labrador Hooper's 1st birthday! I can't quite believe our little fury boy is a year old already, it has flown by! We spent the day spoiling him with presents, which included lots of yummy dog treats (anyone who has ever owned a Labrador will know how much they LOVE their food!), he also got a new ball and a soft toy fox (he loves both but I'm not sure how long 'Foxy' will last!). Hooper also got to enjoy a special dog friendly birthday cake.......which he loved!

I spent the day reminiscing about how tiny he had been when we first brought him home 10 months ago, and how much our lives and home have changed since he arrived. We have bald patches of carpet, a lawn covered in holes, we're constantly cleaning dirt marks on the walls, and no amount of hoovering in the world seems get rid of all the dog hair during malting seasons! We get less space on the sofa, and if you dare to get up to pop to the toilet or make a cup of tea it's almost guaranteed you'll walk back in and find he's stolen your seat! I don't mind admitting he was very hard work as a puppy and there were times right at the beginning where I wondered if we had done the right thing. We most definitely had! Although he still has his naughty days, and we have plenty of training still to work on, he is turning in to the most sweet, gentle, rather daft, wonderful dog. He's so much more than a dog to us, he's our family, our boy, and we couldn't imagine our home or life with out him.

He's grown in to such a handsome boy now but look how tiny and cute he was last summer. I certainly couldn't pick him up in my arms these days!

I love this boy with all my heart and I feel so lucky to have him, he really is my super Hooper!

Tanya x

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