Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New home, new work studio.

Hello! Wow, lots has been going on and once again I have been slow at keeping you all updated on the blog.....sorry (hangs head in shame)! So, just over two months ago we (me and my boyfriend) moved in to our new house, our first home together!

We actually bought it in early May but didn't move in for the first 4-5 weeks as we were getting lots of work done to the house. It needed a whole new heating system so it was easier to let that kind of work happen while the house was empty. My boyfriend also ripped out the old kitchen and we had builders block up the door and open up the wall in between the kitchen and dining area to create a nice open kitchen/diner feel.

This was the old kitchen and the wall we knocked through.

 We even found some retro wallpaper hiding under the wall tiles when we ripped the old kitchen out! It reminded me of my parents old sun-loungers they had in the 70's!

It was worth all the effort and expense as we are so pleased with the result! Our kitchen feels so much bigger and more sociable!

Meanwhile, upstairs I have taken one of the bedrooms as my new work studio! It's much bigger than my last studio, although doesn't currently feel like it as there are boxes left to be unpacked stacked at one end of the room! I hope to be working on sorting them over the next week so my studio will be finished! I will give you a proper tour of my new headquarters of The Lilac Teacup as soon as I can! Here are just a couple of photos from the tidy end for now!

We have lots more we want to do to the house over time and to the garden, but we have settled in nicely and it really feels like home!

Tanya x

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