Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Autumn love

Autumn. What can I's just beautiful! It is one of my favourite, possibly my actual favourite time of year! It of course looks stunning with it's red, orange and golden tones but it's not just how it looks that I love, it's the whole feel. It's bringing the woolly jumpers and scarves out and getting cosy with blankets, hot chocolate, candles and fairy lights. Warming hearty soups replace summer salads and baking cakes, crumbles and of course in a few weeks time, mince pies!

Last weekend we took a slow wander (any venture out has to be very slow with me!) in the woods as the weather was so lovely that day. The trees looked glorious in the low Autumn sun. I have to take advantage of any warmer days at this time of year to get out and about as my congenital heart condition means the cold weather makes it even harder than it already is for my body to do much in the way of walking, so trips like this are precious to me.


So in short, I am adoring making our new home (we have been here almost five months) feel cosy and homely. Adding autumnal/Halloween touches with pumpkins dotted around has been fun and I am already ridiculously excited about the prospect of decorating the house for the festive season (a topic I think my other half is sick of already)!

I hope you have all been enjoying Autumn's delights. Keep warm and cosy lovely folks!

Tanya x


  1. Ooooh yes Autumn is my favourite time of the year too. I love it when the leaves turn colour, the orange hues, homemade soup and the knowledge Xmas is on the way. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new home for Xmas, x

    1. Thank you, I will definitely pop some photos on here when I have my Christmas decorations up! I tend to get rather excited and put them up as soon as it's December! xx