Friday, 16 February 2018

Bringing nature inside.

Waiting for spring and warmer weather to arrive can seem like am awfully long wait. I find winter really drags on after the festive period. Having flowers and plants in my home at this year really helps to bring in some colour and life, a nice contrast to all the bare trees outside and the often grey weather. Spring is just around the corner and I'm eager to start getting the spring feeling in my home as soon as possible! Now I'm not great at looking after houseplants, I never seem to get it right and they often die on me, but I keep trying and I think I'm getting better.....slowly.

I adore the first bunches of tulips I have in the house each year and the same goes for daffodils, they instantly bring spring in to your home even when it's still trying to snow outside! I love having a big vase full, but keeping a few back to dot around the house in little bottles, jars and mugs makes them go further. I also bring out my set of wildflower coasters at this time of year. They are available to buy on my website here. The white metal flower pot is also available on my website here.

I'm a big fan of drying my hydrangeas each year and then using them all year round. They dry so beautifully and I'm never without flowers that way, even when I have no fresh ones. Adding some greenery with house plants or a jug of eucalyptus also seems to freshen up the house. Displaying floral images or pressed flowers in frames is another way to introduce nature in to your home and would be perfect for anyone who doesn't want the hassle of caring for plants or is allergic to having flowers in the home. The handmade Snowdrop picture is from our Woof & Wilson Designs collection and is available on my website.

I bought myself some potted hyacinth bulbs a few week ago to stand on my dining table. They grew so well, (amazing in my house) and apart from looking beautiful, they smell divine! I'm hoping my little jug of daffodil bulbs will be just as successful this year as they have the past couple of years.

You can find many of the homewares shown in these photos on my website, including the hanging white frames, the wicker heart, the rustic hooks with hanging jars, and the "Bee happy!" picture, another one of our Woof & Wilson designs. Pop over to The Cosy Corner House website if you want to shop the look.

Try bringing a little nature in to your home and have fun with it!

Tanya x

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