Monday, 4 June 2018

DIY pallet plant display

Hello! Can someone explain to me how it's June already? That dreaded word "Christmas" will soon be popping up in conversations (alright, I love it really). Anyway, back to now....The beautiful, although at times stormy weather has meant we have managed to do a few jobs in the garden. I say "we", when we all know that Mr Woof & Wilson has to do all the actual labour while I merely give helpful hints (give instructions) and oversee the aesthetic side of things.

(First coat of paint going on)

At the end of last year we had new flooring put in some of our house, and we still had the wooden pallet it had arrived on. It had been a fairly unsightly mess on our patio (although the dog loved sitting on it to gaze over his garden) until a couple of weeks ago when we decide to do something with it. Mr W&W decided he could turn it into a stand for some of our pots of herbs and flowers, which he'd fix to our fence on the patio. I loved the idea and we began talking about paint colours. I realised that if we painted it a nice bright colour and stood it against the garage wall at the back of our garden, it would go a long way towards helping to brighten up what was a dull brick wall with a dull brown door. I have wanted to make changes to that garage since we moved it, hoping that maybe we could paint it white at some point just to brighten it up. This however was a much better option, we could paint the garage door the same colour as the pallet which would just lift the whole thing!

(That ugly brown garage door!)

After sanding the pallet to get rid of all the splintery bits, Mr W&W made some shelves out of MDF he had laying around in his garage. After attaching them to the pallet we where able to finish painting it and move on to painting THAT (much hated) garage door. Again, I say "we" but very little was done by, me as just a couple of minutes of helping to paint wore me out. It was decided by The Mr and my Dad (never one to miss out on helping with a bit of DIY) that it would be easy to mount the pallet on the wall rather than just have it stood on the ground. So my Dad joined the team and I made cups of tea whilst keeping Hooper (our dog) from under their feet. 

 (wildflowers will soon be growing in that circular area around the bird table)

It has injected some much needed colour, and I no longer feel like our tiny garden is dominated my an ugly brown garage. We won't need to paint the wall anymore, this has done the trick. Even on some of the greyest stormy days we've had recently it has still looked bright and cheery out there! 
I'm so pleased with it, especially saying goodbye to the brown door! It's all down to Mr W&W with some help from my dear Dad. All it cost us was the tin of outdoor paint everything else was recycled. 
There's still plenty to tackle in our garden but bit by bit it's becoming a lovely space to sit with a cup of tea and admire nature. Here's hoping we all get some lovely Summer weather!

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