Thursday, 9 June 2016

Falling in love with our garden.

This time last year we bought and moved in to our first home together. We very much concentrated on the inside of the house last year, putting in a new kitchen, taking a wall down, having new heating installed, redecorating and so on. It meant that our garden was rather neglected until now. I knew what I wanted to do with it but the house took priority. Finally this year we have been able to start slowly making some changes in the garden, money and time allowing. We have managed to sort the fencing, that was the priority as the garden had been very open before, allowing the whole road to see in to the whole of our garden! Not very nice if you wanted to sit outside, there was no privacy! Over the weekend my wonderful other half Karl managed to finish off the fencing and garden gate with the help of both our fabulous Dads. We now have a private garden and I feel I can get to work on prettying it up now! There is still much we want to do that will have to wait until money allows, like sorting out the ugly patio! There are however smaller changes we can do gradually in the meantime. I have no experience in gardening having never had my own garden before, also due to my heart defect there's lots of gardening I won't be able to do myself, but I hope to manage a few less strenuous tasks. I'm getting lots of advice from my Dad and Karl's Dad as well as using the good old internet for tips on plants and planting! I knew all the years spent watching Gardeners World would eventually be of use!


I'm currently dreaming of turning our little garden in to something resembling a beautiful cottage garden, with lots of colour, wild flowers, a little haven for bees, butterflies and birds! I realise the vision in my head may be a little ambitious but it's good to have something to aim for right?!! Anyway I kicked things off over the weekend buy planting an enormous pot of Sweet Peas with some white trailing Lobelia. I have always wanted to have Sweet Peas in the garden so I just had to make them my first purchase. I'm lucky enough to have inherited beautiful pink Peonies with the garden as well as some Rose bushes. I'm concentrating on one side of the garden this year and trying to make the ugly patio pretty with more pots of colourful flowers and then I will tackle the long border down the other side next year I think. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say!

Our front garden also needs a complete transformation at some point. However, we are lucky enough to have a lovely tree on the front lawn. I have no idea what type of tree it is but the blossom we had on it a few weeks ago was the most incredible shade of dark pink, it was stunning! Whatever we do with the front garden, that tree will be staying! The front will probably just get a tidy this year as it's an overgrown mess! There are some nice plants but I think it needs rearranging to make it easier for me to care for. As for the little patch of lawn at the front, it's barely green, more of a brownish colour! I'm considering whether we should get rid of the grass at the front all together in the future and maybe go for some nice gravel with pretty borders of flowers. Any thoughts on this, does anyone have any tips or done something similar?


I'm mostly just enjoying the fact that I can now sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy my garden in privacy. It's been wonderful over this last week while the weather has been so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it slowly transform over the years!

I would love it if any of you would like to leave me tips on what plants are easy to maintain that will bring some colour and attract the bees. Your advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

Take care and enjoy the Summer. Fingers crossed for a good one!

Tanya x

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