Friday, 22 July 2016

Our Norfolk break.

I haven't managed to update the blog for a couple of weeks as I've been kept very busy by my cheeky but wonderful new Labrador puppy! I will introduce him properly in a blog post soon but first I wanted to share our lovely little four night break to Norfolk which we went on just before getting our pup! I had never been to Norfolk before and was really eager to visit for a few reasons. Firstly it was a great opportunity to visit friends of ours who moved to Norfolk last Summer. Secondly images I see of rural Norfolk always looks so beautiful and we wanted a nice country get-away. Another bonus of the county for me personally is that it's so flat! I know that sounds like an odd reason to most people but when you live with a congenital heart defect like mine where walking around is very hard work and pretty impossible if it's hilly, the idea of flat countryside is wonderful! Where I live in Buckinghamshire the countryside is beautiful but rather hilly, making much of it inaccessible to me.

We stayed in a beautiful little cottage surrounded by woodland and stunning countryside views. There were woodland walks on the property as well as the owners (who's house was attached to the side of the cottage, but still allowed plenty of privacy) having chickens and ponies.

We spent a day with our friends who now live in Norfolk and went to Cromer with them, enjoying Fish & Chips by the sea in glorious sunshine! Karl & I headed off to the coast again on another day but this time to Mundesley where we had lunch in a lovely pub overlooking the sea.


We also visited Alby Crafts & Gardens, a delightful collection of crafts being made and sold in barns next to beautiful gardens. There was also a fabulously quirky cafe on site where we stopped for tea and a brownie! We took so many photos in the gardens and I should say that many of the best ones were taken by Karl so I have him to thank for some of these shots!

We totally fell in love with Norfolk and it's beautiful coast & countryside. We will definitely be going back in the future as there's so many more places I want to explore there!

Tanya x

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