Wednesday, 11 July 2018

I'm a Small Business Sunday (#SBS) winner!

I had an exciting little victory happen a couple of weeks ago which I thought I'd share with you on here. On Monday 25th June I became a Small Business Sunday winner! For those of you not familiar, #SBS as it's know on Twitter was created by Theo Paphitis (yes, the Theo Paphitis from Dragons' Den). Every Sunday evening between 5pm - 7.30pm small businesses can tweet about their business, making sure they include the important #SBS tag and Theo will pick six of those businesses each week that he believes deserve a retweet, announcing them on the Monday evening. Obviously this is a great boost to any small business!

On that Monday evening I was actually busy packing to go in to hospital the following day when I heard my phone keep pinging. It was my Twitter account going crazy as I had just been announced as a winner along with the other five businesses who also won that evening! To say I was over the moon was an understatement. I felt so honoured to have been chosen, it felt like a real pat on the back. When you are working so hard to build up your little business, that sort of recognition means so much!
I had plenty of time while I was in hospital to try to respond to all the tweets and kind messages I received. I've been in and out of hospital twice in the last two weeks, which is why I've only just had the chance to writing this blog post now, (I'll leave the hospital story for another post) but I'm still feeling very proud that I'm able to display this winners badge on my website! Thank you Theo Paphitis!

If you run a small business, make sure you join in over on Twitter on a Sunday evening. Good luck!

Thanks for reading. 

Monday, 4 June 2018

DIY pallet plant display

Hello! Can someone explain to me how it's June already? That dreaded word "Christmas" will soon be popping up in conversations (alright, I love it really). Anyway, back to now....The beautiful, although at times stormy weather has meant we have managed to do a few jobs in the garden. I say "we", when we all know that Mr Woof & Wilson has to do all the actual labour while I merely give helpful hints (give instructions) and oversee the aesthetic side of things.

(First coat of paint going on)

At the end of last year we had new flooring put in some of our house, and we still had the wooden pallet it had arrived on. It had been a fairly unsightly mess on our patio (although the dog loved sitting on it to gaze over his garden) until a couple of weeks ago when we decide to do something with it. Mr W&W decided he could turn it into a stand for some of our pots of herbs and flowers, which he'd fix to our fence on the patio. I loved the idea and we began talking about paint colours. I realised that if we painted it a nice bright colour and stood it against the garage wall at the back of our garden, it would go a long way towards helping to brighten up what was a dull brick wall with a dull brown door. I have wanted to make changes to that garage since we moved it, hoping that maybe we could paint it white at some point just to brighten it up. This however was a much better option, we could paint the garage door the same colour as the pallet which would just lift the whole thing!

(That ugly brown garage door!)

After sanding the pallet to get rid of all the splintery bits, Mr W&W made some shelves out of MDF he had laying around in his garage. After attaching them to the pallet we where able to finish painting it and move on to painting THAT (much hated) garage door. Again, I say "we" but very little was done by, me as just a couple of minutes of helping to paint wore me out. It was decided by The Mr and my Dad (never one to miss out on helping with a bit of DIY) that it would be easy to mount the pallet on the wall rather than just have it stood on the ground. So my Dad joined the team and I made cups of tea whilst keeping Hooper (our dog) from under their feet. 

 (wildflowers will soon be growing in that circular area around the bird table)

It has injected some much needed colour, and I no longer feel like our tiny garden is dominated my an ugly brown garage. We won't need to paint the wall anymore, this has done the trick. Even on some of the greyest stormy days we've had recently it has still looked bright and cheery out there! 
I'm so pleased with it, especially saying goodbye to the brown door! It's all down to Mr W&W with some help from my dear Dad. All it cost us was the tin of outdoor paint everything else was recycled. 
There's still plenty to tackle in our garden but bit by bit it's becoming a lovely space to sit with a cup of tea and admire nature. Here's hoping we all get some lovely Summer weather!

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Bringing nature inside.

Waiting for spring and warmer weather to arrive can seem like am awfully long wait. I find winter really drags on after the festive period. Having flowers and plants in my home at this year really helps to bring in some colour and life, a nice contrast to all the bare trees outside and the often grey weather. Spring is just around the corner and I'm eager to start getting the spring feeling in my home as soon as possible! Now I'm not great at looking after houseplants, I never seem to get it right and they often die on me, but I keep trying and I think I'm getting better.....slowly.

I adore the first bunches of tulips I have in the house each year and the same goes for daffodils, they instantly bring spring in to your home even when it's still trying to snow outside! I love having a big vase full, but keeping a few back to dot around the house in little bottles, jars and mugs makes them go further. I also bring out my set of wildflower coasters at this time of year. They are available to buy on my website here. The white metal flower pot is also available on my website here.

I'm a big fan of drying my hydrangeas each year and then using them all year round. They dry so beautifully and I'm never without flowers that way, even when I have no fresh ones. Adding some greenery with house plants or a jug of eucalyptus also seems to freshen up the house. Displaying floral images or pressed flowers in frames is another way to introduce nature in to your home and would be perfect for anyone who doesn't want the hassle of caring for plants or is allergic to having flowers in the home. The handmade Snowdrop picture is from our Woof & Wilson Designs collection and is available on my website.

I bought myself some potted hyacinth bulbs a few week ago to stand on my dining table. They grew so well, (amazing in my house) and apart from looking beautiful, they smell divine! I'm hoping my little jug of daffodil bulbs will be just as successful this year as they have the past couple of years.

You can find many of the homewares shown in these photos on my website, including the hanging white frames, the wicker heart, the rustic hooks with hanging jars, and the "Bee happy!" picture, another one of our Woof & Wilson designs. Pop over to The Cosy Corner House website if you want to shop the look.

Try bringing a little nature in to your home and have fun with it!

Tanya x

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New this Summer!

Have you seen the latest products we have in stock? There are some beautiful new homewares just perfect for dressing your home for the summer. From gorgeous kitchen & dining items to stylish storage baskets, and some stunning vases for your seasonal blooms!

These baskets come in three sizes and have the most gorgeous rose coloured sequins on the bottom half. Storage at its prettiest! Our new paddle/chopping boards are proving very popular for your kitchens this summer. Both the mini two tone marble & wood board and the aged French wood board have a wonderful rustic country kitchen feel to them, but would be equally as at home in a contemporary kitchen. Our cutest new addition to the shop has to be our little brass snail spoons. Utterly adorable and a perfect little gift, particularly for those of us who are nature lovers! 

Use our beautiful new ribbed glass jar, handmade by artisans from recycled glass to serve your summer drinks in style, or even to hold some flowers! If you are looking for a vase then look no further than our stunning large glass vase, beautifully shaped to hold your big summer bouquets! As for your smaller flower pickings, our wildflower jars are extremely popular. With a rustic mesh lid that rests on top of the vase it's perfect for holding those more delicate wildflowers. I love filling mine with lavender from my garden too!

Summer trips to the market, shops or the beach wouldn't be complete without our gorgeous French market style shopping basket. They are hand woven with plenty of room in them and long leather handles for carrying. Bring on the sunshine!
As for some lovely finishing touches around your home, you don't have to wait until Autumn to start lighting candles. I love to have candles lit during summer evenings both inside the house or out in the garden. The stunning square glass and antique brass candle holder is perfect for adding some cosiness to your home, whilst the top can be removed so that you can create a display inside it. I'm personally very excited about all the styling possibilities throughout the seasons, from filling it with dried flowers and foliage, to pine cones and pumpkins! We also have some new little hanging glass tealight holders. They have been handmade and have a gorgeous hammered glass effect. They would look wonderful outside in the garden!

 Finally we have some lovely new frames in stock, distressed white wooden hanging frames and antique brass hanging frames. Both designs have a glass front and back. They look wonderful with photos in them but you can also frame pressed flowers or mementos such as tickets or postcards. Have fun with them!

Grab yourself a cup of tea and have a browse of our website to see these and many more beautiful homeware and gifts. We hope you love our new products as much as we do. Have a lovely week!

Tanya x

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Celebrating Hooper's 1st Birthday!

Last Friday we celebrated our Labrador Hooper's 1st birthday! I can't quite believe our little fury boy is a year old already, it has flown by! We spent the day spoiling him with presents, which included lots of yummy dog treats (anyone who has ever owned a Labrador will know how much they LOVE their food!), he also got a new ball and a soft toy fox (he loves both but I'm not sure how long 'Foxy' will last!). Hooper also got to enjoy a special dog friendly birthday cake.......which he loved!

I spent the day reminiscing about how tiny he had been when we first brought him home 10 months ago, and how much our lives and home have changed since he arrived. We have bald patches of carpet, a lawn covered in holes, we're constantly cleaning dirt marks on the walls, and no amount of hoovering in the world seems get rid of all the dog hair during malting seasons! We get less space on the sofa, and if you dare to get up to pop to the toilet or make a cup of tea it's almost guaranteed you'll walk back in and find he's stolen your seat! I don't mind admitting he was very hard work as a puppy and there were times right at the beginning where I wondered if we had done the right thing. We most definitely had! Although he still has his naughty days, and we have plenty of training still to work on, he is turning in to the most sweet, gentle, rather daft, wonderful dog. He's so much more than a dog to us, he's our family, our boy, and we couldn't imagine our home or life with out him.

He's grown in to such a handsome boy now but look how tiny and cute he was last summer. I certainly couldn't pick him up in my arms these days!

I love this boy with all my heart and I feel so lucky to have him, he really is my super Hooper!

Tanya x

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Styling the home for Spring.

If like me you adore flowers, you are probably loving all the beautiful seasonal blooms that instantly give your home that colourful Spring feeling! We may not sell flowers at The Cosy Corner House but we do have a gorgeous selection of homeware and accessories to help style your home for the season.

I've been loving filling our new white flower pot full of tulips, and of course our wildflower coasters are just perfect on the dining table. I have also filled a jug with pussy willow to hang some decorative eggs on. I found mine at John Lewis.

Our own Woof & Wilson Designs collection is all about Spring at the minute too! From tulips and snowdrops, to sheep and bunnies, these charming fabric freehand machine embroidered pictures will bring a touch of the English countryside to your home. Designed and handmade in our studio in Buckinghamshire, England.

The sets of glass tealight holders are new on our website and come in clear or grey glass. They are gorgeous, and I've also been putting little bunches of flowers in them too! One of my favourite products at the moment has to be the beautiful hanging herb drying rack. Lovely for those of us growing herbs and also perfect for drying flowers. It definitely adds some country charm to your kitchen!
There are plenty more items on our website to help bring Spring in to your home, so do pop over to take a peek!

Finally as a gift to you this Easter weekend I'm giving 15% off everything on our website across this Bank Holiday weekend!  Simply use this code at checkout -

(Offer ending at 23.59pm on Monday 17th  April 2017)

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend. Let's hope we get a little bit of sunshine!

Tanya x